The New (Beta) Website Launch!

September 17, 2015 6 Comments

You would rather be vaping, than faffing on an outdated website.

If you are reading this post then you are one of the lucky few to be helping us test out our new website! 

Our current website has been in use since October 2013, so we were well overdue a revamp!

Information For Beta Users

Welcome to the beta test of our new website. Please feel free to use this website as you would the old one. However we would appreciate any feedback you could give us. Anything we have missed? Any bugs or missing images? Could we make anything easier to use? Please let us know at and point us to where and what we could sort out. 

Break The Internet (Okay just this website!)

This might sound utterly bonkers to you, but we want you to try and break the website. Confuse it, search for obscure things. Anything that can be broken can be fixed to create a better experience for us all!


To make an account on this new website, please click the Head icon at the top right of the website and follow the on-screen prompts from there on.


Navigation is a lot easier, you can browse all of our liquids at once as if you were browsing a catalog, or you can browse by flavour profiles (Cakes & Custards etc.). Wether or not you are looking for Cakes and Custards or Tobaccos, all of our flavours have been arranged into easy to view collections. If there is anything in particular we would like to highlight, like a sale or a new product launch, then our full screen slider at the top of the homepage will change to reflect these events. 

Phones and Tablets

The website comes replete with a mobile interface not too dissimilar from the desktop version. One of our bugbears in the past on the old website was that no one could buy our wares using an iPhone specifically. Other mobile devices worked to some degree with varying success. Mobile functionality works out of the box with this new website.

Tested on: iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, Samsung Galaxy Note Tab 2014 Edition, Nokia Lumia 930 (Windows Phone 8.1).


Shopping Carts and Shipping

We have overhauled our shipping methods, with automatic calculations in place dependent on cart total and destination country. Different options will be made available to you in correlation with your order total. Bigger orders will qualify for methods such as free standard shipping, discounted and free special delivery options. 

If you use the quantity adjuster in the cart you can add multiples or delete from the cart.


As before with the previous website, we accept payment via PayPal. You can either use your PayPal account or credit/debit card via PayPal. We are also currently looking into accepting credit/debit cards directly on the website via a suitable payment gateway. 

Beta Discount

As valued customers currently we are giving you the ability to apply a discount onto your orders throughout the beta period. Using the code BETA20OFF, you can receive 20% off all of your orders. This is our way of saying thank you for helping us test our new website.   


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September 29, 2015


I just tested buying some liquid, the search and selection was absolutely brill, and the account creation was simple! The only issue I had was through the checkout process, where it incorrectly autocompleted my address and I had to change the first line and postcode.
Other than that, looking good so far.


September 29, 2015

Looking good so far :) i’ll test it on the Nexus 6 and iPhone 6+ in a bit.
I’ll let you know if i find any issues, wish i’d known about it just a bit earlier as i just put an order through on the old the old site.


September 26, 2015

Hello! Just to be extra sure, I can process my regular orders via the beta and they will be treated and shipped as on the previous one?
Nice clean look, I’d suggest maybe a bit more contrast on the background colours to frame elements a little more. A fixed navigation on the top of the screen would be a premium for a user like me, who isn’t a scroll fan. Good job :)

Mireille Escande De Messieres
Mireille Escande De Messieres

September 22, 2015

Hi again. I noticed some slight glitches going through checkout today; some of my details didn’t come through at checkout (although I had filled them in creating account), so I had to add my postcode again. Also some things had become condensed, like my name and address, which flowed into one word (eg no break between my first and last name). And a little glitch at the payment to PayPal section, so it had to reload before going to PayPal.

Mireille Escande de Messieres
Mireille Escande de Messieres

September 21, 2015

Hi and thanks for the opportunity to comment on your new website. It seems to run very smoothly. It’s got a nice clean look to it, which is less cluttered than the old site. I think all the photos on the new site could use improving, though. The first photo on the ‘About Us’ page is particularly uninspiring. I’m sure you could do better with the photos. No other negative criticism. All the rest looks great to me.

John Magill
John Magill

September 21, 2015

Many thanks for the opportunity to test your new site.
You may rest assured I will let you know about any bugs or glitches, but it’s working perfectly on my Samsung A3…… far. ?

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