New Website Launches 2nd of November

October 23, 2015

The Big Day Is Coming

This website is due for full public launch at 11am on the 2nd of November. Clock watching can be done here if you so wish!

A big thank you to all of our Beta Testers

Firstly we want to thank all of our beta customers who have helped us tweak and improve the site. Because of you we have added extra features such as a "Return To Top" button that appears when you are scrolling down a page, saving you scrolling time to get to the top nav bar.

We have also added inbuilt parcel tracking on the site. If you use a tracked shipping option during checkout then you can use our tracking service to view where your parcel is and estimated delivery dates, without having to go to an external website. 

For our American customers we have also added UPS as a shipping option. However we are currently going through the motions of how this works and if it proves unsustainable then we will remove it. UPS are working wonders for us in the wholesale department and we are hoping we can carry on that relationship to general international website orders as well.

 Pontefract Cakes and Sarsaparilla

We are still selling Pontefract Cakes and Sarsaparilla at a reduced price. We are sadly going to be discontinuing these flavours due to lack of sales and interest, so if you do love those flavours, get them whilst you still can!

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